One place for what’s important.

Way back when, we used to pin important notices up on bulletin boards. But these days, we’re just as likely to get a school notice online as we are on paper, just as likely to get a facebook invite as a beautifully printed one. So why not have one place for both? BeeBoard bridges the gap between your physical and digital worlds


Keep what matters in plain sight.

Whether it’s your son’s soccer schedule or the photos from your last family vacation, BeeBoard helps keep what’s most important top of mind.


Stay connected.

There are a thousand ways to connect these days, but many social networks don’t come naturally to older generations. BeeBoard helps families connect with easy-to-create bulletins you can send to anyone in the world. Snap a photo of your kid’s latest masterpiece and post it to Grandma’s BeeBoard. Once she’s downloaded the app and signed in, all she’ll need to do to enjoy it is look at her real-life wall.


Stay on top of tasks.

Sure, you’ve got a to-do list, but if it’s hidden away in your phone or inside a notebook, it can be hard to keep those tasks top of mind. Make it easy for yourself by using BeeBoard to put your to-dos on the wall, right where you can see them.


Add bulletins from anywhere.

Sometimes you’ll be at work and remember something you need to do when you get home. You could write it down and hope you’ll remember to look at it later, but why have that thought following you around all day? BeeBoard lets you create bulletins on your phone from anywhere you are, and post them to your tablet at home. That way, you can see what you need to do when you’re where you need to be to do them.


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