From complex to community.

Want to foster a sense of community in your building and keep residents informed? Emails are convenient, but can easily get buried or forgotten about. Bulletin boards are a good option, but they fill up quickly and it can be a hassle to create and print a flyer for every announcement.

Digital signage is a nice touch, but residents can’t interact with it. Plus, most of the existing software is expensive and requires training to use.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could easily create and update digital content and display it alongside paper flyers and notices?


Welcome new residents.

Give residents peace of mind by introducing new tenants with quick, easy-to-create welcome bulletins.


Post building notices.

Emails get buried. Flyers get lost. Keep your residents in the loop with bulletins you can post and edit from anywhere.


Announce events.

Keep residents happy where they are by posting nearby events to your building’s BeeBoard.


Create community.

Invite residents to add their own bulletins so they can make new friends and connections right where they live.


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