Strengthen workplace communications.

Your employees have a lot on their plate, and are constantly trying to sift through an endless stream of information. It can be easy for them to lose sight of the company’s big-picture goals, or even know what’s going on outside their own projects. Why not keep important information right where everyone can see it?

Bulletin boards are a good option, as they create a central area to post information, but they fill up quickly. It’s also not effective to create, print and distribute every flyer for every event and announcement.

Digital signage helps, but employees can’t interact with it. Plus, most of the existing software is expensive and requires training to use.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could easily create and update digital content and display it alongside paper flyers?


Encourage growth.

Keep your talent thriving in their fields by posting seminars, meetings, conferences, and training sessions on the BeeBoard.


Bring your company culture to life.

Use BeeBoard to highlight company values, visions, and goals, welcome new hires, celebrate big wins, and promote workplace events.


Recognize rock stars.

There’s no doubt that praise keeps employees motivated. Keep public recognition visible to honor the company’s brightest stars and hidden heros.


Promote company perks.

You know how important benefits are for employee retention. Encourage your team to take advantage of these perks by highlighting how others in your office are using them.


Manage change.

Change can be a challenge for any company, and quick, consistent communication is key to weathering any storm in the workplace. With BeeBoard’s flexible, easy-to-use interface, you don’t have to wait for IT to help you post important information and announcements.


Create community.

One of the best things you can do to retain employees is to facilitate workplace friendships. Invite employees to contribute to BeeBoard so they can make connections and share what makes them unique.


Let teams tailor their own content.

Employees can choose to view their own department’s channel or check out other channels to stay informed.


Attract new talent.

Keep your talent pool fresh by using BeeBoard to share new opportunities within the company and promoting referral bonuses. When prospective employees come in to interview, your BeeBoards will position your company as innovative, interesting, and engaging.


Bridge the generation gap.

Having grown up in a digital world, younger generations usually prefer the convenience of cross-platform information, whereas older generations want one reliable source to go to. With BeeBoard, Baby Boomers can look at the BeeBoard bulletin board for everything they need to know while Millennials can access bulletins wherever they are.


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