The perfect hub for hosting.

In today’s robust sharing economy, almost anyone can participate in the enriching experience of hosting travellers from around the world. BeeBoard makes the experience easier for everyone, giving guests one central place to get information about their accommodations and the surrounding area.


Welcome guests.
If you’re not there to greet your guests, BeeBoard is a great way to make guests feel settled right away. Post essentials like the wifi password and any house rules, and create welcome bulletins with any information they might need for a pleasant stay.


Create a visitor’s center.

With a corkboard and magnetic writing surface, you can leave maps, keys, transit passes, discounts to local events and attractions and other items on BeeBoard your guests might find helpful.


Leave notes from anywhere.

Don’t want to bother your guests with non-urgent text messages? With the BeeBoard mobile app, you can post notes to BeeBoard from anywhere.

Make changeovers easy.
Create a channel to let housekeepers know which rooms need attention or make any special requests.


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