What are the hardware requirements to use the BeeBoard apps?

All you need is an iPhone and an iPad (or just an iPhone if someone’s invited you to post on their BeeBoard). We do recommend either mounting your tablet on the wall or propping it up on your desk or kitchen counter–wherever it will be most helpful and visible to you.


What exactly is digital signage?

If you live in a city, you probably see digital signage every day. They’re in train stations cycling through ads. They’re in fast food chains showcasing the current menu. They’re in corporate offices welcoming new hires or displaying HR announcements. Digital signage is like any other sign or billboard, but enhanced with the convenience of technology, so the display can cycle through a number of different slides and can be updated quickly and easily. Digital signage is designed primarily for commercial purposes, but we thought, with some user-friendly tweaks, the technology could be incredibly useful for families and individuals.


What makes the BeeBoard digital signage app social?

The BeeBoard app lets you post to your own board or to someone else’s, so you can stay connected to those closest to you. Snap a photo of your kid’s latest artwork and post it to Grandma’s board so she can enjoy it too. Post holiday travel details to your son’s board while he’s away at college. Post a birthday message for your niece across the country. The possibilities are endless.


Why is the BeeBoard app only available for iOS?

We don’t like sacrificing quality for quantity. That’s why we chose to launch BeeBoard as a native iOS app instead of a hybrid app. With HomeKit, Apple’s platform for communicating with and controlling connected accessories and devices in your home, we expect a proliferation of uses for iPad. So we made the decision to build the BeeBoard Viewer to be ready for advances in home automation. Our vision for BeeBoard is that it will be not only the center of every connected family, but also the center of every smart home. That being said, if the demand is there, we will look into creating native apps for other platforms.


How do I create a bulletin in the BeeBoard app?

BeeBoard bulletins are created on your phone and displayed on any connected iPad. To create a bulletin, open up the BeeBoard app on your iPhone and follow the instructions below.

  • Tap “Create a Bulletin”
  • Add any text, frames, and photos you’d like in your bulletin
  • Tap “Settings” and add the channels you’d like to post your bulletin to, then hit “Publish”


How do channels work in the BeeBoard app?

With the BeeBoard app, you can organize your bulletins into different channels like Family, Work, Morning, and Night. You can make as many channels as you’d like, so get creative!

  • To add a channel, tap [channel symbol] then [plus symbol] from the menu
  • To change the channel, tap [channel symbol] and select your channel from the menu
  • To edit, delete, or rearrange the bulletins in a channel, select your channel, tap [edit symbol], and tap “Edit” in the upper right-hand corner

How do you invite people to post to your BeeBoard?

You can invite friends, family members, or co-workers to post to your BeeBoard. They will be able to post to any of your channels, but they won’t be able to see other bulletins on those channels unless those bulletins are also posted to their board.

  • To see who can post to your board and the boards you can post to, tap [friend icon]
  • To invite someone to post to your board, tap “Add a member”
  • Search through already existing BeeBoard users, your phone contacts, or enter your friend’s email manually to send out an invitation