Back to school with BeeBoard.

BeeBoard helps you get motivated, stay organized, and connect with friends and family on campus and off.


Stay on top of your studies.

Out of sight, out of mind as the saying goes. So keep exams, due dates, and personal goals top of mind by posting reminder bulletins to your BeeBoard.


Never miss an event.

Snap photos of flyers around campus and post them to your BeeBoard so you always know what’s happening.


Ease the transition to adulthood.

Those reminders Mom used to leave on the fridge? She can post them right to your BeeBoard so you’ll never forget to book your plane tickets on time. Or, you know, clean your room and eat your vegetables.


Connect with faraway friends.

Sure, you text and snapchat your friends on the reg, but why should you have to pick up the phone to feel close to your crew? With BeeBoard, all you have to do is invite your friends to post to your board and then wait for their notes and photos to appear on your dorm room wall. #SquadGoals


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