Create a buzz.

Want to foster a sense of community in your space and keep customers coming back? Bulletin boards are a great option, but they fill up quickly and can be a hassle to maintain. With BeeBoard, your customers can enjoy the warm, tactile aesthetic of a traditional bulletin board along with the convenience and capacity of social media.


Promote your goods.

Just got something in you’ll know your customers will love? Want to highlight your loyalty program? Whether you want to impress with some chalkboard art, put up posters, or create digital bulletins, BeeBoard’s got you covered.


Announce events.

BeeBoard is the perfect place to promote events that keep customers coming back. Why not try hosting an open mic night, book club, or free sampling of what you sell?


Build your brand.

People prefer to align themselves with businesses that share their values. Use BeeBoard to show your customers what you and your staff stand for, whether it’s photos from a community service day or inspiring quotes that elevate your brand personality.


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