Love the ones you’re living with.

Whether you’re living with your best friends from college or sharing space with some folks you found on Craigslist, BeeBoard will help bring a sense of community and harmony to your household.


Leave reminders

Enough with texts that get forgotten, emails that get buried, and notes that fall off the fridge. With the BeeBoard iPhone app, you can add a friendly reminder to your board any time, anywhere.


Make settling up simple

You get some bills in your inbox and still one or two in your mailbox. Take a screenshot and add your statement to BeeBoard and simply pin the paper ones up so they’re all in the same place–it makes it much easier to settle up each month.


Add events from around town

Wanna invite your roommates to a concert or party? Post the details on BeeBoard where the whole house can see it.


Stay on top of chores

Whether it’s a printed-out chore chart you tack up or digital bulletins that detail what each roommate’s responsibilities are, BeeBoard helps you keep household matters in one place where everyone can see it.


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