Whether you want to bring cohesion to a large corporation or a sense of community to your neighborhood cafe, BeeBoard’s got your back.

BeeBoard helps you build your brand, promote sales and specials, manage your team, keep customers engaged, and stay on top of tasks and deadlines.

The BeeBoard digital signage app is completely free, requires no extra hardware, and can be used by anyone with little to no training. All you need to do is download the app to your phone and as many wall-mounted iPads as you’d like.

For a professional and paper-friendly way to display your iPad, check out the BeeBoard Granville or the BeeBoard Leeson.

Use BeeBoard to:

  • Strengthen workplace communications
  • Recognize hard work + celebrate big wins
  • Stay on top of deadlines
  • Promote sales, specials + events
  • Build your brand
  • Create community

Click below to learn about the specific ways you can use BeeBoard for your business.

BeeBoard for Corporate Spaces

BeeBoard for Retail

BeeBoard for Residential Management

BeeBoard for Guest Houses

BeeBoard for Community Spaces