Keep the information, events, and people
that matter in plain sight.

These days, we’ve got information coming at us from all angles. It can be hard to keep track of things, or to take a moment to remember what’s meaningful. So we created BeeBoard. BeeBoard combines past values and present needs to create a new social medium that lets you organize and highlight what’s important, display it right in your home or workspace, and share it with the people that matter. Welcome to BeeBoard: the bulletin board re-invented.

The BeeBoard Social Digital Signage System

Designed to adapt to a wide range of people and situations, BeeBoard apps are easy to use, require no extra hardware, and are offered free of charge. Create and post bulletins from anywhere, and invite anyone to post to your common area. It’s as simple as pinning a note to a corkboard.



BeeBoard Publisher

With the BeeBoard Publisher app, you can post important information, words of encouragement, or bits of inspiration for your tribe to see, no matter where you are. Post to your own BeeBoard or any board you’re invited to, and invite friends and family to contribute to yours. Control how and when your content appears by organizing your bulletins into separate channels.

Requirements: iPhone with min. iOS8+

Publisher on the App Store


BeeBoard Viewer

The BeeBoard Viewer turns your iPad into a lens of focus for your home or office. Use it to get inspired, stay motivated, and to keep the things that matter top-of-mind.

Requirements: iPad with min. iOS8+

Viewer on the App Store

BeeBoard Bulletin Boards

Say hello to the new heart of your home or office.

We’re not just making bulletin boards, we’re making history. The combination of incorporating physical and digital media into our patent-protected designs resulted in the first significant improvement to the bulletin board in over 70 years. To recognize this accomplishment, our engineers and craftspeople overlooked no detail in ensuring that we offer you the best (and only) hybrid bulletin boards on the market.

BeeBoard Granville — Classic iPad Holder Bulletin Boards

Our BeeBoard Granville is not only a classic luxury bulletin board, but also the first combination bulletin board to accommodate an iPad tablet. For the frame, we selected black walnut, one of the most valuable and unique species of hardwoods known for its exceptional and beauty and durability. For writing surfaces, we offer the choice of either a porcelain-coated magnetic whiteboard or chalkboard. For the pinning surface we use naturally harvested Portuguese cork, known for its strength, thickness and natural graining. The removable backing allows for easy easy replacement of writing and pinning surfaces when the time comes or your needs change. The iPad enclosure fits iPad 1,2,3,4, iPad Air and Air 2.

This BeeBoard is perfect for scholars, discerning executives and the family that has everything.

*NEW* BeeBoard Pro — iPad Docking Station Bulletin Boards

Our latest model is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a sturdy, rugged and reliable plastic that is both durable and economical. It is chemically resistant to most markers, paints and adhesives making it easy to clean. The whiteboard offers a smooth gloss writing surface that works well with both dry and wet erase markers and the self-healing pinning surface is produced from natural and renewable materials.  The iPad enclosure fits iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2.

This BeeBoard is perfect for teachers, tutors, students and professionals alike. Pre-order now for availability in early 2018.

BeeBoard Leeson — Tablet Holder

The BeeBoard Leeson offers a simple, elegant way to mount your tablet to the wall. Leeson features a convenient cork strip so you can post small notes, loyalty cards, house keys, or memorabilia.